10,000 Small Businesses is a unique, practical programme designed to help the leaders of established small businesses and social enterprises define and achieve their business growth aspirations. The programme equips you with tools and support to help you overcome a range of obstacles and lay the foundation for long-term sustainable growth and job creation in your community.

It is fully funded by the Goldman Sachs Foundation.

Programme Overview

During the programme you will develop and start to implement a personalised growth plan specific to your business with support from:

  • Approximately 100 hours of high quality, practical business and management curriculum, delivered over 12 sessions between September 2014 and January 2015 in Manchester. These sessions help you to develop the practical skills and knowledge that small business and social enterprise leaders need to grow their businesses. The sessions focus on action-based learning which can be applied immediately, and are delivered by a combination of practitioners and experts who have extensive practical experience working with, and understanding the needs of small business leaders.
  • One-on-one expert business advice from your dedicated Programme Tutor who will help you translate the issues covered in the curriculum sessions into your business, identifying areas of focus for business improvement, and helping you to define and implement your tailored Growth Plan.
  • Specialist workshops on growth topics of interest and relevance to the programme participants. These are delivered by practitioners with extensive expertise in the subject area.
  • Networking and peer learning opportunities. We understand that being a business leader can be lonely, therefore a crucial feature of the programme is the unique networks it helps to create. As leaders of small businesses and social enterprises from a wide range of industry sectors, programme participants offer complementary strengths, knowledge and skills to the collective group. The course is taught in a collaborative setting that builds on the real-world experiences of the participants and maximises  opportunities to create and enhance valuable networks.
  • Help to access suitable finance through working with relevant organisations.
  • Alumni services following graduation from the programme. Participants have the opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars and networking events as part of building a broader community of high growth small businesses and social enterprises.
Curriculum Sessions

There are 12 sessions, each running from 13.00 to 20.00 in Manchester. These practical sessions help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to grow your business or social enterprise. These sessions are:

  • Orientation: 4th September
  • Module 1A and 1B : 10th & 11th September  You and Your Business
  • Module 2 : 25th September  Growth and Opportunities
  • Module 3 : 9th October  Money and Metrics
  • Module 4 : 23rd October  You are the Leader
  • Module 5 : 7th November  Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • Module 6 : 20th November  It’s the People
  • Module 7 : 4th December  Marketing and Sales
  • Module 8 : 18th December  Strategic Growth Through Operations
  • Module 9 : 8th January 2015  Finance for Growth
  • Module 10A and 10B : 21st & 22nd January 2015 Putting it all Together

Application Date: 6th June 2014 is the final deadline for applications. Interviews are being held in Manchester on 17th July 2014.